Singing Woods

Size – 900 acres, 700 acre Nature Preserve
Location – North of Singing Woods Rd. and West of Ivy Lake Rd. North of Peoria
Owner – Peoria Park District
Steward – Steve Meismer

Singing Woods is approximately 1 mile wide by 2 miles long. The site is large enough to support five different habitat types. Over 250 different wild flowers, 60 species of trees and shrubs, 10 different ferns, 18 different mammals, 14 reptiles and amphibians, and numerous grasses and sedges have been identified. The area also contains many ancient white oaks with trunk diameters of 3 to 4 feet.

A stream flows through Singing Woods that is being monitored annually for water quality by the State of Illinois. It is one of the approximately 350 stations, in the Illinois River basin, gathering data for environmental studies. This creek is consistently one of the cleanest.

For centuries native peoples have benefited from the diversity of this rich woodland. Today the Peoria community benefits from the preservation of this quality natural area and its natural beauty suggests the name Singing Woods.

Volunteers have made a significant impact through activities such as brush cutting and prescribed burning. So much more needs to be done and time may be running out. Join us and make a difference.

For more information contact Steve Meismer at or JD Russell at Forest Park Nature Center (309) 686-3360.

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